Moehtaung chilli pepper market sluggish before new supply enters Yangon market

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Workers are choosing quality chilli pepper to be sent to market.

Yangon market sees a slow-moving trade of Moehtaung chilli pepper variety this month amid low foreign and domestic demand and higher prices compared to that of the year-ago period.
The chilli pepper market is sluggish in early July 2023. Newly harvested Moehtaung chilli pepper from the Kyaukse area has not flowed into the Yangon market. However, traders have been storing the varieties of chilli peppers in cold storage. They are expecting a high price.
A new supply of Moehtaung chilli pepper was seen in the Yangon market on 24 June 2022. Yet, there is still no new stock inflow as of 7 July 2023, an owner of a chilli pepper warehouse located on Seinpan Street in Bayint Naung told the Global New Light of Myanmar.
Nonetheless, the new Moehtaung chilli pepper entered the Mandalay market at K15,000 per viss.
The prices stood at K13,000-15,000 per viss of chilli pepper (long chilli pepper and Moehtaung chilli pepper varieties) on 7 July 2023. Bell peppers supplied by Sinphyukyun and Delta regions and processed in cold storages fetched K19,000-19,500 per viss. The market is sluggish for now.
The original price of chilli pepper is higher in 2023 than that in 2022. Nevertheless, we still cannot expect that the price this year will hit the record high last year, a seller U Zaw Myint told the Global New Light of Myanmar.
Chilli pepper is among the inflated commodities in 2022, prompting people to reduce their consumption. Those traders who kept the stocks in hands reaped a handsome profit last year. – TWA/EM

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