Potato demand surges: Aungban sees daily sales of 500 tonnes

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Potato sacks arrived at a warehouse.

At present, the potato market has rebounded and daily average sales amount to about 300-400 tonnes in southern Shan State, Aungban. However, the total volume will be about 400-500 tonnes if other exports are added, said an official from the Naungtaya Potato Association.
The temperature began rising in April this year, resulting in a decline in potato prices; however, the crop has now regained its regular price as a result of some activities to handle the market.
“Quality decline caused the price to drop, and farmers dug potatoes in daylight and let them dry without picking at once, so potatoes got damaged. Now it’s over, and the market has returned to normal. In fact, the potato price didn’t fall, but its quality so the market collapsed. At that time, the price was just several hundred kyats, but there was no buyer because everyone who bought encountered losses. Potatoes went rotten and were thrown away shortly after they were bought. It is not because there were no consumers, but potatoes went rotten,” he said.

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Potato sacks arrived at a warehouse.

Based on the last year’s market situation, potato price is likely to get high as its yield is low in June, July and August.

Based on last year’s market situation, potato prices are likely to get high as their yield is low in June, July and August.
“Apparently, the demand has been good. The regular sale is about 300-400 tonnes a day at the Aungban market, and roughly, the daily sale is about 400- 500 tonnes if we add other exports. However, the price will decrease if farmers attempt to sell their crops rampantly in the market. The price has stayed at the regular price this May. And the price will get higher in June and July and reach highest in August because the yield will be low at the time,” he said.
According to the current market price, the market has been now promising for farmers, he said. — MT/ZS/ED

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