YBS instructed to install security cameras by 30 June, action to be taken if they fail to do so

All YBS companies have been instructed to install security cameras in their buses by 30 June and if they fail to do so, action will be taken effectively, said Yangon Region Public Transport Committee (YRTC)’s joint secretary U Lyan Cing Mang.
YRTC made this instruction years ago but YBS didn’t follow it by giving various reasons and about 1,700 buses have yet to be installed CCTV, he said.
“The Yangon Region Chief Minister has also instructed that CCTV installation has to be made by 30 June. And we have also instructed all YBS companies about it. So if they fail to follow it, we are going to take proper action, even bus line suspension may be followed,” said U Lyan Cing Mang.
In order to make convenience for passengers, YBS route map posters have been planned to provide on YBS buses with the management of YRTC and currently, more than 3,000 buses from 71 bus lines owned by seven companies were completed and will be continued for the rest bus lines, he said.
About 3,800 buses from 131 YBS bus lines commutes about 1.6 million passengers daily, according to YRTC. — MT/ZS/ED

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