Seek ways for the emergence of society with a favourable environment

Currently, global countries are placing an emphasis on using the nature-based solution concerned with environmental problems and food sufficiency with the aim of easing global warming and climate change.
In this regard, favourable weather can help produce agricultural produce for ensuring food sufficiency of countries. Mix-cropping of trees which can help fertilize the soil, control watershed forests, proper utilization of land plots and use of climate-smart agriculture and better agriculture and livestock techniques are nature-based solutions contributing to food sufficiency.
Among the various techniques so as to ensure food sufficiency which is very important for the nation and the people, the agroforestry method is of great importance for proper land utilization in order to secure the most benefit in the long run from the utilized land area and to produce the largest volume of a product among forest products, agricultural produce and livestock product.
Agroforestry is based on the growth of trees together with perennial and annual crops or feedstuff plants in addition to mangrove plants. But, agroforestry is based on the cultivation of seasonal crops and trees, farming of cattle, poultry and pigs in the growing of trees, nurturing of seasonal crops together with cattle and poultry farming process, and integrated farming for trees and beekeeping as well as fishery farm.
The agroforestry business can be operated by families as individuals or in groups. Depending on location, climatic conditions, market and keenness of local people, agroforestry can help develop the socio-economic status of the rural people as well as food sufficiency.
The authorities and relevant departments have been allowing the establishment of community forests owned by local people since 1995 with the aim of contributing to forest conservation as much as possible, supplying forest products to rural people for daily usage and improving the socio-economy of the people.
As such, people have the chance to implement agroforestry measures in their regions, land plots and residences on a manageable or commercial scale. Thanks to their efforts, trees, vegetables and livestock farms will help ease the impacts of the climatic conditions to some extent and provide food for society.
No one can discard the advantages of climatic conditions and the environment. Indeed, climatic conditions and environment manipulate the life of living beings including humans. Reciprocally, humans have the chance to control the climate and environment so some degree by easing climate change and global warming. Hence, global peoples need to set an aim for the emergence of a proper society in a favourable environment with food sufficiency.

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