SEZs are important to seek employment opportunities and techniques, and secure economic development of the country similar to that of neighbouring and other countries: Vice-Senior General

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State administration Council Vice-Chairman Vice-Senior General Soe Win is addressing the Myanmar Special Economic Zone Central Committee meeting 1/2021 in Nay Pyi Taw yesterday.

Chairman of Myanmar Special Economic Zone Central Committee Vice-Chairman of the State Administration Council Deputy Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services Commander-in-Chief (Army) Vice-Senior General Soe Win delivered an address at the meeting 1/2021 of the central committee at the SAC Vice-Chairman’s Office in Nay Pyi Taw yesterday afternoon.
The Vice-Senior General said that the special economic zones are essential to seek employment opportunities and techniques and secure economic development of the country similar to that of neighbouring and other countries. The special economic zone law was enacted in 2014 for the economic development of the State. Special economic zones were implemented in Thilawa, Kyaukpyu and Dawei. The Central Committee for Myanmar Special Economic Zone must emphasize further development of SEZs to contributing to the economic growth. The central committee, the working committee and the management committee have been reconstituted for the development of the SEZs. As such, efforts must be made for the improvement of the zones in line with the international rules and regulations.
Among the three SEZs, Thilawa SEZ only can be operated smoothly with the creation of job opportunities in cooperation with Japan. Up to March 2021, a total of 96 factories are being operated in Zone A and 26 in Zone B, totalling 122 invested with more than US$532 million. As Thilawa SEZ is the image of the country, it is necessary to maintain development momentum. Relevant ministries need to join hands to inflow more investments to the zone.
In line with one of three economic objectives: to develop a stable market economy and promote international investment in order to enhance the economic development of the entire National People, zones need to give better services in accord with the international work procedures for practically realizing the SOP of relevant ministries to meet the goal successfully. If so, further foreign investment can be invited to develop the economy. The management committee chairmen and party must strive to achieve a better situation and increase export volume. One-stop service centres in the economic zones need to give effective services.
With regard to Kyaukpyu SEZ, the framework agreement for the deep seaport project was signed on 18 November 2018, the shareholder agreement in January 2020 and the concession agreement in November 2020. So, the deep seaport project of Kyaukpyu SEZ will be implemented soon to develop Rakhine State and generate jobs for the local people. The deep seaport project needs to manage tender for ESIA and PGTS Surveys. Kyaukpyu SEZ management committee needs to take the example of successful Thilawa SEZ to meet the goal. Kyaukpyu SEZ deep seaport project will be successfully restored to the Myanmar-China economic corridor project so as to promote bilateral cooperation. Kyaukpyu SEZ is much related to China’s Belt and Road Project as well as the mutual interests of both countries and regional development tasks.
Coordination is underway to upgrade the two-way motor road linking Dawei SEZ to Hteekhee and then to Funamrum of Thailand. The Tatmadaw, in its tenure, will strive for securing the achievement set as the original goal. The Ministry of Construction needs to manage the implementation of the two-way projects under the action plans. Myanmar warmly welcomes the proposals of Japan to implement Dawei SEZ. It is expected Dawei SEZ would win the potentials of victory thanks to tripartite cooperation among Myanmar, Thailand and Japan. Likewise, Thailand and Japan need to gain good results in a short time. Only when SEZs achieve rapid development they can create job opportunities for the local people.
Chairman of Central Working Body Union Minister Dr Pwint San and chairpersons of Thilawa, Kyaukpyu and Dawei SEZ management committee sought approvals for the orders of Myanmar SEZs. Union ministers and officials reported on matters related to the successful implementation of SEZs.
In conclusion, the Vice-Senior General urged all to review agreements of the SEZs. All need to cooperate in the soonest undertaking of the work process at the remaining two SEZs. As workers should abide by the disciplines and rules of relevant workplaces, relevant ministries must cooperate in conducting necessary training courses for workers.—MNA

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