Social aid groups offer disaster relief training

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During training for flood disaster relief.


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According to Ma Shwe Lei, chairperson of the Shwe Myittta Association, social aid groups are conducting training to improve individual skills in flood disaster relief.
“We are here to help the people. We all are rescuers from water when natural disasters occur. Instead of formal training, all those who are involved in water rescue get together to practise together,” said Ma Shwe Lei, who organized the drill.
The operations are different in water rescue and land rescue, and rescue operations must always be practised. Rescue operations are carried out in the midst of life-threatening situations, so efforts must be made to improve individual skills, she said.
“Lay Maung, who is known as the father of the rescue circle, gave us another training. Saya Toe Gyi is also included,” she said.
In addition, the young people who are new to the rescue team are trained together so that rescuers themselves do not become second victims.
“There are more new young people joining the rescue team. For the new ones, we practise together with them. We train them what to do in the water and what to avoid. The most important thing is that the rescuers do not become second victims. That is why we are practising together,” she said. — Thit Taw/ZN

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