Tatmadaw arrest CRPH, NUG, PDF terrorists, who commit terrorist attacks on Lay Kay Kaw, Htee Mae Wah Khee, Mae Htaw Tha Lay, repatriating displaced persons

The arms and ammunition seized in Myawady township of Kayin State and Yangon Region and along the Myawady-Yangon route were transported by the terrorists who were hiding in Lay Kay Kyaw of Kayin State under humanitarian grounds by using different ways, according to the confession of arrested suspects. Although the respective region heads were informed not to accept the NUG and PDF terrorist groups, the seizures of firearms occurred continuously, and as Lay Kay Kaw is also a sign of peace and so the region officials were informed in advance to arrest the NUG and PDF terrorists.
Starting 14 December 2021, the security forces conducted an investigation with giving information to arrest NUG and PDF terrorists. They raided the town under the law and arrested 21 PDF members of NUG and CDMers. On 15 December, the NUG and PDF terrorists, including members of KNU/KNLA, who want to break NCA, started the attack and it resulted in some causalities of Tatmadaw officers and members, including security force members and some injured.

In order to defend itself, Tatmadaw launched a counterattack with limited force against some KNU leaders and outfits, NUG and PDF terrorists starting 15 December. Meanwhile, these terrorist groups blocked the Tatmadaw columns with a large number of troops day and night and so the fighting grew intense.
Therefore, Tatmadaw launched airstrikes following the Rule of Engagement, ROE against the targeted enemies and bases, and it happened to fight 25 times. Tatmadaw controlled Htee Mae Wah Khee, Mae Htaw Tha Lay, Ingyin Myaing, Min Let Pan and Phalu villages except for Lay Kay Kaw yesterday. During the clashes, Tatmadaw seized 19 assorted arms including .5 sniper machine gun of terrorists and dead bodies.
Due to the fighting, the innocent civilians fled to the other country. The respective security forces conducted the campaign to repatriate them using loudspeakers in Kayin and Myanmar languages. The Thai-Myanmar border committees negotiated to relocate the displaced persons in their villages. The security forces will continue their security measures to eliminate the terrorists in the vicinity area of Lay Kay Kaw. — MNA

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