Yangon market sees decrease in prices of green gram, gram

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The Mandalay beans and pulses market seen in April 2020.

On 15 July 2023, in the Yangon market, the price of special green gram (Kayan Shwewah variety) stood at K3,665 per viss, as well as gram at K5,400–K5,500 per viss.
Green gram (Kayan Shwewah variety) price was stable at K3,830 per viss from 4 May to 2 July 2023, in the Yangon beans and pulses market. The price per viss was K3,750 on 2 May and 3 July and decreased to K3,665 in mid-July.
Domestic demand increased for gram at K4,900/K5,000 per viss on 2 May 2023, and the price of bean soared up to K6,000–K6,200 on 12 July. However, the price fell back to K5,400–K5,700 per viss in mid-July. The beans and pulses market broke the previous record of high prices this year, and the one with the most domestic demand and the highest price is gram.
Local merchants still emphasize trading of pulses and beans in varieties such as black bean, red pigeon pea, green gram (Kayan Shwewah), gram, Hinthada black bean, chickpea, Ukraine and Canada.
Sixty-five per cent of export earnings were allowed to be used at the reference price of K2,100 and the remaining 35 per cent at market exchange rates. Authorities have changed the percentage of changing export earnings from 65:35 to 50:50 this month, benefiting exporters.
Thus, the export bean price that skyrocketed in previous months has dropped back this month. But, there are speculations in the market that the price may shoot up again. — TWA/CT

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