12 Myanmar trainees join Training Course on Combatting Cybercrime by Yunnan Police Officer Academy

Leaders of Training Course on Combatting Cybercrime, Myanmar.

The Chinese Embassy in Myanmar on Tuesday released a statement that 12 Myanmar trainees of the Ministry of Home Affairs joined the Training Course on Combatting Cybercrime in Myanmar conducted by the Yunnan Police Officer Academy.
The training course was launched online on 31 October under the management of the Ministry of Commerce of China.
In his speech, Chinese commercial attaché of the Chinese Embassy to Myanmar Mr Tan Shufu said cybercrimes affect the stability of the economy, social and image of the country and are such a big challenge faced by the countries. The China-Myanmar border measures over 2,000 kilometres and so it should cooperate in combating cybercrime more and more.
The training course will last for five days and contribute the lessons such as analyzing the patterns of cybercrime and law enforcement cooperation in combatting international cybercrimes.
On 7 June, Myanmar Police Force and Royal Thai Police organized the first working committee meeting on Myanmar-Thai cooperation in combatting transnational crimes in Bangkok.
The meeting discussed the cooperation work of the two countries’ police, especially in arms and ammunition smuggling, transnational crimes, protection of lives and prosperity of people living in border areas, human resource development, training courses for police and MoU between the two police forces, and signed six agreements for further cooperation works. — TWA/GNLM

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