12-wheeler truck plunges into cliff along PyinOoLwin-Mandalay Road

2 sskm
Rescue work is being conducted at the scene of the accident.

A 12-wheeler truck plunged into the roadside cliff while coming down along the PyinOoLwin-Mandalay Road in Mandalay Region on 20 October.
Around 8:50 am on that day, the 12-wheeler truck carrying maize seeds was unable to control its speed and overturned on the cliff, located near the Mile Post 19 of the PyinOoLwin-Mandalay Road.
The members of Yadanabon Area Fire Station, Myanmar Rescue Body (Mandalay) and Cetana Mon Social Welfare Association (Ohnchaw) conducted rescue work at the scene.
The driver had broken his two arms and was taken to the hospital together with other injured persons by the Cetana Mon Social Welfare Association (Ohnchaw). — TWA/GNLM

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