17th PyinOoLwin Tazaungdaing Festival set for 24-28 November

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File photo shows a hot-air balloon and revellers are seen happily cheering during the PyinOoLwin Tazaungdaing Festival.

The 17th PyinOoLwin Tazaungdaing Festival will be held on 24-28 November, said U Win Myint, a member of the Maha Arnthtoo Kantha Sutaungpyae Pagoda Board of Trustees. The PyinOoLwin Tazaungdaing lighting and hot-air balloon festival have been marked as the 17th festival with crowded including the weaving of Matho Thingan competition.
“This year Tazaungdaing lighting festival will take place at the platform of Maha Arnthtoo Kantha Sutaungpyae Pagoda and the hot-air balloon festival will be held in the Pagoda’s hot-air balloon field. The weaving of the Matho Thingan weaving competition will start on 24 November and the Matho Thingan will be offered on 27 November (full moon day of Tazaungmone) morning. The hot-air balloon festival will start from the eve of Tazaungmone full moon day with the Day and Night hot-air balloons,” said U Win Myint.
During the festival, the offering of Matho Thingan event will take place at 5 am on Tazaungmone Full Moon Day, not only the 9,000 oil lamp offering event will be celebrated on Tazaungmone Full Moon Day evening, but the Seinnaban hot-air balloons and NyaMeeGyi hot-air balloons will be released starting from 7 pm but also the various animals and mythical creatures hot-air balloons will be released as Daytime starting from 1 pm and the various sports competitions will be held daily at 8 am-6 pm in the Hot-air Balloons Field compound. — ASH/MKKS

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