2.1 mln+ citizens to receive CSCs in 9 months

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The Ministry of Immigration and Population will issue citizenship scrutiny cards (CSC) to over 2.1 million citizens within nine months in the third phase of the Pann Khin project.
Efforts have been already underway since January 2024 to document over 390,000 youths who will turn 18 in the following nine months and 1.77 million migrants without CSCs.
In an attempt to establish an electronic identification system, or e-ID, the authorities will collect biographic data as well as biometric data. The respective township-level committees formed with five members verify squatters for issuance of household lists and citizenship scrutiny cards under the law.
Additionally, officials are going door-to-door to collect household lists to ensure the accuracy of voter lists for the upcoming election. They cross-check these lists with the data stored in e-ID servers for verification.
The third phase covers both new CSC applicants and those who already possess CSCs. Each citizen will be assigned to a 10-digit serial number after their biographic and biometric data have been collected.
The first phase of the project, which commenced in 2021, aimed to reach 3.4 million people without citizenship scrutiny cards and household lists, while the second phase, starting in August 2022, targeted 1.7 million individuals, reportedly achieving 100 per cent of the projected goal. — TWA/NT

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