2022 price of chickpeas highest in 10 years

Although the chickpea price in the Yangon market on 10 December was K3,900-4,100 per viss showing a decrease compared to the previous month, it is the highest in 10 years.
The chickpea price with high local consumption becomes higher than in a normal year and very few low-income families buy it.
The potato is priced at K2,000 per viss while it is K4,500 per viss of chickpea. So, the use of chickpeas for curry becomes lower.
The price of fried split peas (Pe Kyaw) for Mohinga and coconut noodles reaches K200 from K100 for higher prices of cooking oil and bean.
On 3 January 2022, the wholesale price of chickpeas was only K2,950-3,100 per viss and it reached its highest price at K4,400-4,700 per viss on 14 September.
Although it declined to K3,900-4,100 per viss on 10 December, it reaches the highest price in 2022.
During 10 years, starting from 2013 in addition to 2022, chickpea prices hit record prices like other commodities such as onion, palm oil and chilli.
Its highest price was only K1,000 per viss in 2013 and 2014.
It reached K860 per viss by the end of October 2014.
In mid-October 2015, although the chickpea price reached K2,500 per viss, the black gram was over K2.4 million per viss, and it was only K975 per viss in early 2015.
In mid-2016, it was K2,500-2,600 per viss.
It was K3,800-3,900 per viss on 2 January 2017. In 2018 and 2019, it was only K2,200 per viss and it was the highest at that time.
In 2020, its highest price was K2,125-2,200 per viss on 7 November while the lowest rate was K1,600-1,650 per viss in March.
In early 2021, it was K1,800-1,825 per viss and K2,500 by the end of the year.
While the chickpea price reaches the highest price at K4,700 per viss in 2022, the green pea price is also on the rise at K7000 per viss, and consumers have to buy them paying the high prices.
The Indian people mainly consume pigeon peas and most of the grassroots of Myanmar also consume green peas and chickpeas.
For 10 years, 2022 is a year as low-income people reduce their purchasing rate of cooking oil, onion, chilli and bean to their normal rate. — TWA/KTZH

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