Myanmar Embassy announces Japanese company list for submission of demand letter

800px ミャンマー大使館正門
The Myanmar Embassy in Tokyo, Japan.

A list of more than 498 Japanese companies which can submit documents for verification of demand letter was released by Myanmar Embassy in Japan on 9 January.

Companies in the list would need to send information published on by mail addressing to Labour Section Myanmar Embassy, Tokyo 4-8-26, Kita Shinagawa, Shinagawa Ku, Tokyo 140-0001, said the embassy.

Myanmar Embassy in Japan announced on 5 January that it will make some changes to the verification of demand letters to be facilitated.

For verifying demand letters submitted by the Ministry of Labour via the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the embassy will no longer send a fax to each Japan company for asking their information, but will make a weekly announcement on its social media page and website.

Further, when there are conveyances of data from respective companies by post, the embassy will verify demand letters and then submit an accurate list of companies to the Ministry of Labour through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and make the list public on its social media every 15 days.




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