28 deaths from YBS road accidents in 2023

YBS buses are pictured in the centre of Yangon city.

There were 28 deaths from YBS road accidents in the whole year of 2023, according to Yangon Region Transport Committee.(YRTC).

According to YRCT’s statistics as from January to 21 December, there were 70 road accidents and of which, 63 were car accidents and 7 were other cases, leading to 102 injured and 28 dead.

There were 5 car accidents in January, left 11 injured and one dead; there were 8 cases including 6 car accidents in February, left 12 injured and one dead; there were 6 car accidents in March, left 2 injured and 3 dead; there were 6 cases including 5 car accidents in April, left 17 injured and 2 dead; there were 11 car accidents in May with 13 injured and 7 dead; and there were 5 car accidents in June with 5 injured and one dead.

In July, there were 3 car accidents with one dead; of 6 cases in August, 5 were car accidents that caused 17 injured and 5 dead; of 6 cases in September, 3 were car accidents that left 5 injured and 2 dead; there were 10 car accidents in October, left 18 injured and 3 dead; and there were 4 car accidents till 21 December and left 2 injured and 2 dead.

“Due to irresponsible driving of some YBS bus lines, passengers as well as pedestrians were dead. When accidents happen, driving permit issued by YRTC is withdrawn and the bus line is permanently dismissed. The rest shall be proceeded by the law,” said YRTC joint secretary U Lyan Cin Mang.


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