32 residents dead, 14 more wounded in heavy weapon attacks of PDF terrorists at Hsonywa Village in Myingyan Township

PDF terrorists fired at Hsonywa Village, east of Sameikkhon Village in Myingyan Township of Mandalay Region with small arms and heavy weapons yesterday, leaving 17 men and 15 women of the village dead and five men and nine women wounded due to splinters of bombs.
PDF terrorists opened fire at remote villages and wards to cause fear of people with heavy weapons without reason, set fire to houses, schools and religious buildings and commit the killing and abduction of residents. Yesterday morning, those PDF fired at the people’s militia camp in Hsonywa Village, 4,000 metres east of Sameikkhon Village, from the south and southeast parts so people’s militia troops launched counter-attacks. The terrorists could not occupy the people’s military camp and withdrew to the east but set fire to nearby villages.
In the incident, heavy weapon shells destroyed houses with explosions. Therefore, 17 men and 15 women in the village, totalling 32, died from a heavy weapon shell explosion, and five men and nine women, totalling 14, were wounded by splinters of bombs.
About 50 houses were ablaze due to the destructive act of terrorists. So, security forces put out the fire and sent wounded residents to the local military hospital in Mandalay to receive medical treatment. Moreover, security forces are in hot pursuit of those terrorists who retreated from the scene. — MNA/TTA

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