50 suffer from food poisoning after eating Thai-made chicken sausage

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The FDA-banned foodstuffs.

About 50 people from Ywathagyi Ward of Dagon Myothit (East) Township suffered from food poisoning and were hospitalized, according to a social welfare organization.
“They contacted us yesterday evening for food poisoning and we took them to two hospitals with our partner organizations,” a member of the Mee Aein Shin Parahita Association told the GNLM.
The residents bought Thai-made chicken sausage on 9 May in their ward and they suffered from food poisoning after a few hours.
“They felt dizzy and their skin turned blue. We took 50 people to the hospital. Currently, they recover,” said association member Ko Kaung Gyi.
Twenty males and 30 females aged between 5 and 30 were taken to the Children’s Hospital and Thingangyun Hospital.
The chicken sausage contains too much benzoic acid and does not conform with the microbiological criteria for foods and the FDA of the Ministry of Health announced it as dangerous food. –TWA/GNLM

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