6-mln-gallon fuel oil unloaded at terminals of Thilawa Port, 14 mln more on way

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A tanker is pictured berthing at Thilawa Port to unload its cargoes — fuel oil.

Over six million gallons of fuel oil have been unloaded from oil tankers at terminals of Thilawa Port and oil tankers carrying more than 14 million gallons are soon to be docked and oil unloading process will be undertaken, according to the Supervisory Committee on Oil Import, Storage and Distribution of Fuel Oil.
The committee is scrutinizing and importing fuel oil to have an adequate supply in the domestic markets. On 24 October, 0.91 million gallons of Octane 92, 2.55 million gallons of diesel and 1.34 million gallons of premium diesel were discharged from the MT Synergy tanker. On 25 October, 2.01 million gallons of Octane 92 were unloaded from the MT Aulac Vision ship. Furthermore, the MT Yu Dong tanker carrying 2.76 million gallons of Octane 92, 0.92 million gallons of Octane 95 and 1.65 million gallons of diesel, the MT Harmony One ship carrying 3.07 million gallons of diesel and 3.07 million gallons of premium diesel and the MT Intan Premier carrying 2.67 million gallons will dock at the respective terminals and the unloading of fuel oil will be undertaken. That being so, there is an adequate supply of fuel oil depending on the inventory conditions of oil tanks, fuel stations and distribution.
The prices of Octane have been sliding this week, whereas the prices of diesel slightly rose. There is no significant price movement in the domestic fuel oil market.
The committee is importing fuel oil to avoid a shortage in the market. A total of 2.26 million gallons of oil on 1 October, 5.05 million gallons on 3 October, 2.96 million gallons on 10 October and 6.92 million gallons on 12 October were unloaded respectively at the terminals of Thilawa Port.
The fuel oil has gradually declined since the last week of September. On 27 October, the oil prices stood at K1,920 per litre of Octane 92, K2,015 for Octane 95, K2,610 for diesel and K2,695 for premium diesel. — NN/GNLM

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