75 township internal revenue offices expanded for online payment of taxes

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The Internal Revenue Department in Mandalay Region.

The Internal Revenue Department (IRD) announced that a total of 75 township internal revenue offices were expanded for the purpose of paying taxes online using a mobile payment method.
It is reported that the expansion was conducted for individual taxpayers at 111 revenue offices of Nay Pyi Taw, regions and states including the 75 additional revenue offices, to make tax payments through the IRD’s website online payment using an MPU Debit Card.
A statement of the IRD mentioned that a notification for successful tax submission will be sent via email in the tax payment using MPU Debit Card. Likewise, a taxpayer will be notified electronically with proof of tax payment by the respective tax office after the accounts of the office received the tax.
In addition, the IRD notified that they have arranged CBM-NET — the payment network system of the Central Bank of Myanmar and MPU Debit Card — the mobile payment so that company taxpayer offices and medium taxpayer offices can use them to facilitate tax payment.
The Internal Revenue Department under the Ministry of Planning and Finance requested by June 2021 to cooperate in the use of electronic payment systems, which are much safer and faster than other payment methods, for income tax payments on salaries of all taxpayers at the large taxpayer offices and medium taxpayer offices in Yangon, including that of company employees whose company pay taxes at those offices starting on 1 July in the financial year 2020-2021. Those who have accounts at State-owned banks are exceptions. — TWA/GNLM

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