About 1,500 trucks stuck along Muse-Kyinsankyawt road with 20 days delay amid COVID-19


The heightened security measures during the COVID-19 caused major delays to 20 days along Muse 105th-mile Road and Kyinsankyawt post. About 1,500 trucks are stuck on the road, said U Min Thein, vice-chair of Muse Rice Wholesale Centre.
Kyinsankyawt border checkpoint is only 7 miles away from Muse 105th-mile trade zone of Myanmar.
“The goods are delivered through Kyinsankyawt post. The traffic congestion is getting worse. Although the road part is only 7 miles away, 1,500 trucks have queued on the road. Normally, it took only a day for freight transport. At present, truck drivers have to wait for 20 days,” said U Min Thein.
Consequently, it takes about a month for rice export to China via Yangon. However, the traders benefit from it owing to the gain in yuan value. A yuan is worth K242 for now.
According to Muse Rice Wholesale Centre, the broken rice fetched 117 Yuan per bag. The low-quality rice was priced at 126-135 Yuan per bag depending on varieties (Ngasein, Yadanartoe and Shindong).
China Customs granted licences to 47 Myanmar companies on 26 February 2021 to legally export the rice to China through Muse land border this year,
The authorized companies for rice export to China increased this year as against last year. However, the permitted volume of rice for exports has not been confirmed yet. Myanmar traders are shipping rice to China through the Muse border under new permits at present. — NN/GNLM

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