About 2,100 acres of three crops to convey to market by the end of Feb 2022

About 2,100 acres of sunflower, chickpea and wheat, cultivated in Paukinn farmland in ChaungU Township, are ready to convey to the market by the end of February 2022, said Paukinn farmland in-charge Assistant Director U Win Naing.
“These three crops are started cultivating on 2 November and completed on 10 November. It has been two months already on 10 January. These three crops were cultivated by the department’s staff using department budgets. Now, these sunflowers, chickpea and wheat are produced abundantly. These three crops are ready to convey to the market by the end of February,” he added.
There are a total of 2,570 acres of land, including roads, creeks and canals in Paukinn farmland. Of which, about 2,100 acres are plantation lands. Currently, about 50 acres of sunflowers, 430 acres of wheat and 1,620 acres of chickpeas have been cultivated in Paukinn farmland using underground water.
“Germination, seed quality and seed-stage will be defined and they will be a sale under the department name. The department is only focusing on reproducing. It is a field that produces the cheapest varieties of seeds for farmers to use so that they can get high yields,” U Win Naing clarified.
After harvesting the current winter crops such as sunflower, chickpeas and wheat, the department will grow summer crops such as green gram, black bean and sesame in February and March.
The Paukinn farmland yielded about 120 kilogrammes per acre of sunflower, 20 baskets per acre of wheat and 12 baskets per acre of chickpea (one basket is equivalent to 46 pounds), it is learnt. — Lu Lay/GNLM

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