Act now to find strategies for helping farmers sustainable

The unseasonal rain in upper Myanmar on 7th October has alerted us that we are in a pattern of increasingly frequent and severe weather.
Under the influence of multiple weather systems acting in tandem, untimely rain always causes damage to the standing crops as well as the harvested produce
Extreme weather conditions and changing patterns of precipitation are serious threats to agriculture and food security and lead to a decrease in the crop productivity.
Agriculture sectors of Myanmar, which is an agro-based country, are frequently affected by natural disasters such droughts, excessive rainfall, floods, flashflood, unseasonal rains etc. They got the weather warning from the Meteorology and Hydrological Department, but simply, they can not prevent the disasters.
The farmers are facing a big loss of income. It is the same elsewhere in other parts of the world when the disaster hits there.
But, for Myanmar farmers who are not familiar with the crop insurance is difficult to recover from the loss.
A once-in-a-century event seemingly occurs every year. The extreme is the new norm.
Although Mother Nature doesn’t always follow the rules, the weather in Southeast Asia is somewhat predictable.
As the weather is uncontrollable, we must identify and manage yield-limiting factors in the field, and this will help us improve the overall resilience of crops to the vagaries of Mother Nature.
Farmers are closer to the weather and they have been hit with extreme weather event after extreme weather event — floods, drought, hailstones, etc.
We believe that farmers are more aware and more concerned about climate-change induced extreme weather events.
Hence, the extreme weather events has signaled an openness to strategies that help make individual farms more sustainable while also addressing the climate crisis.
There’s no argument here. The peoples of the 21st century are facing harsh impacts from the climate change. It’s obvious — we must find ways or implement systems to relieve from the extreme weather patterns and disasters.

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