Action taken against 580 YBS buses

U5ogyAhL 15
YBS buses are pictured at the Yangon city centre.

Action has been taken against 580 YBS buses that failed to follow traffic rules and they will be disallowed to fill CNG, according to YRTC.
By using telematics devices and CCTVs, YRTC is watching the buses whether they run along the designated routes or they exceed the speed limit. The action was taken against the buses that broke traffic rules.
YRTC supervised 20 YBS companies, including 136 YBS lines with 3,500 buses, and YRTC inspection teams ensured that YBS buses do not overtake one another and taxis do not stop at YBS bus stops.
YRTC vice-chairman U Chit Ko Ko elaborated that drivers will be selected and sent to Thailand to study Thailand’s city bus operation and arrangements are underway for YRTC to become the safe and good transport service for the public in 2023.—TWA/MKKS

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