Actions taken against fake news about gold price

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Respective authorities have taken actions against the circulation of fake news about gold price, said Yangon Region Gold Entrepreneurs Association (YGEA) chairman U Myo Myint.

“The current price is just more than K3.6million, not more than K3.9million. Shops are selling at this price. These are not official prices and dealing at night market. Respective authorities have dealt with these activities,” said U Myo Myint.

The current market price of premium gold is just more than K3.6million and respective authorities have taken actions against fake news.

“The gold price is just up to K3.6million. The rest so-called prices are just rumours,” he said.

YGEA’s closing price per tical of premium gold was K3655800on 22 February, K3639600 on 23 February, K3663000 on 24 February, K3661200 on 26 February, K3663000 on 27 February and K3655800 on 28 February.



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