Kyaikmaraw rubber sheets meet export standards for China, Malaysia

A plantation-based product, rubber sheets are manufactured into finished products in Kyaikmaraw Township, Mon State. The excellent quality refined rubber sheets, which support the local economy, are being exported to China and Malaysia.

U Zaw Htoo, one of the leading operators of the MSME rubber industry in Kyaikmaraw Township, who is a rubber trading entrepreneur, started working in the rubber trading business in 2020 and has opened rubber trading depots in Mudon, Peinekon and Kyaikmaraw and buys and distributes local rubber raw materials.

U Zaw Htoo said that this year, the rubber market has increased more than last year, so the demand for local rubber sheets is strong, and the price is good, and a refined rubber sheet costs K6,000 to K7,000, or about K1,800 per pound, U Zaw Htoo said.

The rubber plates are packed according to the weight of the rubber and sent to the depot in Yangon for sale. Next, they are exported to China and Malaysia.

If local people can produce more quality rubber sheets through small rubber farms in Kyaikmaraw Township, the economy will be higher, and the MSME business sector will improve more. — Mi Cho (Kyaikmaraw)/KZL

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