Address concerns about emerging COVID-19 variants


While the global fight against the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic persists, the emergence of new variants in neighbouring countries of Myanmar has raised apprehensions. The infection rate is surging in Singapore, emphasizing the need for individuals to remain vigilant against the emergence of new variants.
On 18 December, the Indian Express news agency reported a concerning increase in COVID-19 cases, with a staggering 56,000 new infections detected within a week. Notably, new variant viruses like JN.1 have been identified in Myanmar’s neighbouring nations. The Indian SARS-CoV-2 Genomic Consortium-INSACOG is actively monitoring the JN.1 variant, which has also been identified in the United States and India.
In response to the heightened infectious situation, the Ministry of Health in Singapore has issued recommendations for citizens and travellers to exercise caution and adhere to preventive measures to curb the spread of the variant.
Over the past month, some neighbouring countries of Myanmar have encountered a mild variant of COVID-19, characterized by indistinct symptoms in infected individuals. As of 10 December, reports indicate that around 40 countries are grappling with similar new variants. Reassuringly, the Global Times asserts that while new variants may emerge in the future, they are not expected to cause severe infections on a global scale.
Myanmar’s relevant health department provides weekly updates on the infectious rate and casualties caused by COVID-19. Even in the absence of daily updates, individuals are urged to practice preventive measures, such as avoiding crowded places in poorly ventilated rooms, wearing masks and gloves, and observing social distancing. Prompt medical attention at the nearest clinics or hospitals is also emphasized.
It is crucial for everyone to acknowledge that the COVID-19 pandemic remains a global challenge, and while it may temporarily recede, it never completely disappears. Therefore, individuals must prioritize enhancing their immune efficiency to combat the pandemic effectively.
By doing so, citizens can be reassured that, even when new variants emerge, comprehensive protection measures will minimize the risk of COVID-19 infections among the population. Vigilance, adherence to safety protocols, and a collective commitment to public health are essential elements in the ongoing battle against the pandemic. If so, whenever new variants of the COVID-19 pandemic emerge in any country or in the motherland Myanmar, all citizens do not need to worry about infection of COVID-19 among the people if they can be thoroughly protected against the virus in all forms.

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