Agri-export via Chinshwehaw outperforms Muse within one week ending 23 Nov

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The value of agricultural export through the Chinshwehaw border post increased by US$1,150.758 compared to that of the Muse border among the border posts between Myanmar and China.
Myanmar delivered agricultural exports worth US$823,941.54 through the Chinshwehaw border in a week on 23 November, while the Muse border saw agri-exports worth $822,790.782. The figures showed an increase of $1,150.758 at the Chinshwehaw border compared to Muse’s export value.
In the 2022-2023 financial year, Chinshwehaw carried out the third largest trade after Myawady and Muse out of the border posts. Rice, broken rice, rubber and corn are commonly exported via the Chinshwehaw border post.
For a week between 17 and 23 November, agricultural export through the Chinshwehaw border was estimated at $8.237 million.
Myanmar exported rubber worth $6.208 million via the Chinshwehaw border post, while the rubber export value at the Muse trade zone was estimated at $2.41 million. Therefore, the Chinshwehaw border surpassed Muse in rubber export as well.
On 24 November, the two countries held the third meeting via videoconferencing for the implementation of the Myanmar (Muse)-China (Ruili) border economic cooperation zone.
The performance to establish the zone, further plan, suggestions and organizing the regional level meeting were discussed at the meeting. The two parties agreed to hold the fourth meeting in February 2023. — TWA/GNLM

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