All announcements on matriculation exam result are misinformation

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A fake news on the matriculation exam results spreading on social media.

Announcements on matriculation exam result, that have been spread on social media pages are fake, Department of Myanmar Examinations announced.

The department responded to some news saying 2024 matriculation exam results would be released on 7 June.

This announcement is just false and it is an edited report published in last year’s newspaper and the Ministry of Education has requested to delete it from social media pages to prevent from spreading fake news.

Concerning the release of the matriculation exam results, respective officials never make announcement a month in advance and if it is ready, they release it without delay. Incorrect information were spread every year over the matriculation exam results, so including the exam results, everything for the public are to know will be announced without delay, it said.

Only announcements, which would be published by state-owned newspapers, television channels and the department’s website and Facebook page, are official so the public need to be aware of fake news, it urged.

Over news about the matriculation exam results, the public can visit the department’s Facebook page so that they can verify whether they are correct or not.


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