All ethnic people need to unitedly live in the country with the same will and same rights: Senior General

Politicians whose ideologies are diverse for the peace need to cooperate with each other through correct attitude over the multiparty democratic system, said Chairman of the State Administration Council Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing at the meeting 15/2021 of the State Administration Council at the Office of SAC Chairman in Nay Pyi Taw yesterday afternoon.
In his opening address, the Senior General noted that more than 231 million of the global population were infected by COVID-19 and over 4.7 million people were dead till 23 September. Myanmar stands the sixth position of infected countries in ASEAN and the fourth of the death rate. Since infection, a total of 453,407 people has been infected and 17,343 died until 23 September. Indonesia is a country with more than 4 million infected people and over 140,000 dead persons. Effective prevention, control and treatment activities pull down the infection rate in Myanmar to eight or nine per cent.
As the infection rate reaches less than five per cent, it will be a good situation. So, the schools will be closed till 24 October. As the Sinovac vaccine can be vaccinated to children under 12, 2 million vaccines donated by China will be given to students in the school opening period. So far, a total of 3,585,906 people has received vaccine twice and 2,574,735 people once until 24 September morning. 10 million units of vaccine will arrive in the coming October, so the vaccination programme will continue.
The outbreak of COVID-19 causes high prices of commodities, transport charges and manufacturing costs. As an agro-based country, Myanmar does not have a shortage of food. Rainwater should be arranged for cultivation. The Senior General stressed the need to cultivate staple cotton to be the main crop of the nation. He also stressed the cultivation of edible oil crops for ensuring oil sufficiency for the nation to reduce import of oil and consumption of cooking oil.
If the country fully utilizes renewable energy for generating electricity, it will meet the electricity demand of the country and surplus can be exported. As such, an electricity policy was adopted that generating electricity with the use of renewable energy such as natural gas and coal is being reduced while hydropower and solar power are being utilized to generate electricity.
Efforts are being made for ensuring the prosperity of the State. To enjoy the prosperity of the nation, arrangements are being made to realize the disciplined democracy and have a good income, jobs, free from disease, seasonal festivities and fantastic measures. If Myanmar tries hard for everything, it will reach the middle class among ASEAN countries within five years and the top-level within ten years. If so, all need to try hard with above and underground resources and adequate human resources. Myanmar citizens have the family spirit to give a helping hand to each other. Hence, the first priority must be given to all citizens to have a proper living standard with individual income in conformity with the current prices.
With regard to internal peace, the country has not tasted the peace cent per cent from the post-independence era to date. It is necessary to restore peace for ensuring a prosperous country. To be able to restore peace, people need to understand democratic and the actual situation of the State. Democracy means the leadership of those elected by the majority under the law. But they need to emphasize the wish of the minority.
As of 2011, the country has been on the path of multiparty democracy with the formation of many political parties. As it is a multiparty democratic system, there is impossible to cause political disunity. All can do the politics under the law without any prohibitions. It is necessary to correctly apply the political system. Students need to emphasize learning in their student life.
If all the people cooperate with the government in the transitional period, everything can be done with stability. Efforts are being made to do the best for the State. It will be beneficial for all as all the people carry out their tasks with independent critical thinking for the State to talk about appropriate speeches and do the suitable works.
The multiparty democracy is being realized in the country. All ethnic people need to unitedly live in the country with the same will and same rights. Politicians whose ideologies are diverse for peace need to cooperate with each other through correct attitude over the multiparty democratic system. It is necessary to peacefully shape the democracy of Myanmar in the international community. The Tatmadaw does not directly concern with the State administration and assigns the relevant civilian administrative bodies.
The Senior General expressed his attitude that he does not accept solving the problems through armed struggling. But measures are being taken for the security of life and property of the people. Only when the country enjoys internal peace will the multiparty democratic process the people inspire be implemented. If so, the country will meet development. Hence, the council needs to lead the endeavours.
Council members discussed relevant ministries to systematically observe and compile the data for providing political knowledge to the new generations, assistance for the cultivation of elephant foot yam tuber in Chin State for local food sufficiency, supervision of projects not to cause waste of State fund, the extension of researches in education, agriculture and livestock breeding, complete construction of Ye-Phayathonzu-Thanbyuzayat road, allotment of land plot for construction of Mon State cultural museum, supervision for offending the directives, rules and regulations of COVID-19, and opening of departmental offices in Palaung Self-Administered Zone.
In his response to the discussions, the Senior General pledged to scrutinize the cases filed against some persons under the political trends. He also responded to public donations and vaccinations for students under 12. He stressed to consider the cultivation of Robusta strain of coffee and good prices of Arabica coffee strain in PyinOoLwin, Pinlaung and Yangon.
Next, the Senior General explained the salient points for the national security law, Myanmar sports events, systematic use of fuel, electricity and telephone at ministries, levying of tax and development tasks in regions and states, withdrawal of cases for those under Section 505, land plot for Mon State cultural museum, upgrade of Ye-Phayathonzu-Thanbyuzayat road and opening of departmental offices in Palaung Self-Administered Zone.
In his concluding speech, the Senior General that the country faces a decline of the economy in export and import sectors but an increase in border trade. Border trade posts will be shaped into a normal trade trend. A fish auction market was allowed to be built in Myeik of Taninthayi Region. Special economic zones are being operated in Dawei and Thilawa. An industrial zone was allowed in Pathein. Mandalay Region is preparing to improve industries based on domestic products and to produce finished goods. The business based on underground and above ground natural resources faces the limitation. So, efforts must be made for the operation of domestic product-based industries. Only when domestic industries develop will the people have employment and income.
The government has considered the plans for the prevention of COVID-19 for the fourth wave. So, oxygen plants were built and they can produce enough oxygen for the people. Now, the government is striving for the production of vaccines and medicines against COVID-19. Reopening of the schools is important for the State. So, people need to cooperate in the prevention of COVID-19 so as to reopen the schools. —MNA

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