Analyze potency of Covid-19 vaccines with farsightedness

The dreadful pandemic coronavirus started its outbreak in late 2019, spreading to all parts of the global countries. The waves of the pandemic unmercifully attacked the global peoples, leaving a large number of people dead.
If a film were screened to cover the outbreak of the pandemic, it would show the struggle of the global peoples in suffering from the disease for their survival. They urgently invented the vaccines to counterattack the pandemic.
Researchers compiled data from 185 countries from 8 December 2020 to 8 December 2021 that in the first year of the disease, various kinds of vaccines saved some 20 million global peoples. If the vaccines were not invented, more than 30.4 million global people may face death.
According to global history, the planet Earth had faced the worse pandemics ten times. But, the development of medical science in successive eras reduced the death and injuries of pandemic victims. Various waves of the pandemic pushed the globe into a state of emergency several times. Till today, no one can predict the possibility of more outbreaks of such a pandemic whether it continues or not.
Thanks to the development of medical science, scientists and medical experts produce various kinds of vaccines to make counterattack the pandemic. So also, Myanmar produces Myancopharm vaccines in cooperation with Chinese scientists. Despite facing challenges on purchase of vaccines from various countries, Myanmar could overcome difficulties in solving the problems of vaccines when it was able to produce own Covid-19 vaccine at home.
Indeed, everybody needs to analyze the actual potency of vaccines to battle the pandemic. The infection rate of Covid-19 is gradually declining day by day but no one can predict its actual trend when the pandemic can be annihilated. Hence, it is necessary to create and invent better and better vaccines with high potency to fight against the pandemic till the final days.
The vaccines could protect the victims of the Covid-19 pandemic, accounting for 90 per cent. Today’s vaccines used across the world cannot totally annihilate the pandemic from the globe but these are still effective and potent to lessen the number of patients suffering from the impacts of diseases. The vaccines against Covid-19 are contributing to the regular running of the health system, easing the burdens of healthcare services and hospitals. However, all scientists and medical experts regardless of the country need to analyze the potency of Covid-19 vaccines with farsightedness to improve them if necessary.


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