Announcement for ethnic armed organizations to ensure State stability and peaceful living of ethnic people

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The government accelerates action plans for peace by organizing the National Unity and Peacemaking Central Committee, the National Unity and Peacemaking Working Committee, and the National Unity and Peacemaking Coordination Committee to hold talks with ethnic armed organizations.
The CRPH, NUG and PDF terrorist groups brutally committed bomb attacks and killed innocent people in some cities. Security forces and responsible citizens worked together to arrest terrorists and seized arms and ammunition related to KIA and TNLA in some cities of upper Myanmar, including Mandalay, Sagaing, Kachin and Chin.
Between 1 February and 31 December 2021, there were 3,751 violent incidents in some cities and security forces arrested 1,492 terrorists and seized 133 weapons, 1,693 rounds of ammunition, 28 grenades, 217 homemade mines and other explosives. Moreover, police also detained 9,958 terrorists and seized 3,417 firearms, 161,500 rounds of ammunition, 647 grenades, 6,895 homemade mines and other related materials in time.
There were three arrests in Mandalay to date — six suspects together with 200 Type-81s, 20 Type-81 machine guns, four K2-5s and one M-79 launcher and one arrest in Monywa — eight suspects with one 779 Pading III – S 40mm launcher.
There were 17 arrests in Mandalay and some cities of upper Myanmar — 209 suspects together with three M16s, 5 AK-47s, 40 M-22s, 17 pistols, 61 K-22s, four K-12s, four KAs, one KO-3s, two KA launchers, 79 K2-5s, 36 K2-5s, 220 Type-81s, 20 Type-81 machine guns, 44 M-79 LL 40mm launcher, 12 779 Pading III –S 40mm launchers and 549 small arms.
According to the confession of terrorists, 43 people attended the explosive training of KIA and 37 joined the explosive training of TNLA. When the seized arms and ammunition were examined, it found that 220 Type-81s, 79 K2-5s, 61 K22s, 36 K2-5s, 20 Type-81 machine guns, 4 K-12s, 4 Kas, 1 KO-3s, 2 KA launchers and 759 grenades were produced by KIA.
Tatmadaw has strictly followed the NCA signed on 15 October 2015 and made efforts following the policy of the Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services “Tatmadaw will strictly abide by the Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement in restoring the perpetual peace that is needed for the country and people”.
The State Administration Council prioritizes peace processes and sets the five-point roadmap and nine objectives.
Therefore, it is here urged the ethnic armed organizations whether they sign the NCA or not to stop acts that affect the State stability, development, lives and properties of national races while the entire people face the impacts of COVID-19. If some commit any actions to destroy the stability of the country and socio-economic status of people, Tatmadaw will keep conducting the necessary security measures.
Information Team
State Administration Council

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