Announcement to public regarding arson attacks on villages by NUG/PDF terrorists, KIA insurgents

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Map showing the location where terrorists set fires to Public Houses located on the way of their retreat, in Subokegon Village of Katha Township in Sagaing Region, in a clash between Security Force Members and KIA/PDF Combined Terrorists on 17 December 2022

NUG and PDF groups declared as terrorist organizations, with the intent to disrupt the State’s peace, tranquillity and prevalence of law and order, are committing vicious crimes such as attacking and destroying non-military targets and wanton killings of innocent civilians by accusing them of informants. Moreover, the terrorists joining together with KIA insurgents are carrying out deliberate arson attacks on the villages in the Sagaing region as well as the ones in the areas adjacent to Kachin state.
According to the findings of the investigations at the scenes, it is reported that combined armed groups comprising NUG/PDF terrorists and KIA insurgents had burnt down a total of 22 villages, causing 23 fire outbreaks in which 1,122 houses of innocent villagers were destroyed in the fire in November and December 2022.
According to the accounts of the victims of local villagers following further investigations on the arson cases, it was found out that the NUG/ PDF/ KIA terrorists launched arson attacks primarily targeting the villages that do not support their violent acts, the ones that do not provide them extortion money as well as the villages where militia units are organized to protect against the terrorists’ attacks; they set fire to the houses on their way of the retreat so that the security force members cannot pursue and attack them; and they drove off the villagers first, then set fire to the village when no villager in it and informed the villagers as if the security force members committed the arsons.
Moetargyi Village
The first man (wearing a bamboo hat)

They were coming in and going out and wearing uniforms but we didn’t know who they were. There are about 40 or 50 of them. Some of them were wearing mufti and others were in guerrilla uniforms. They torched my house. Some of them were guerrillas and I didn’t know whether they were the PDF or the KIA. I saw them.

The second man (wearing a cap)
I returned to the village from my farm as I was in fear after hearing gunshots. When I arrived at the village, Tatmadaw personnel had already entered the village and the PDF fired shots at the Tatmadaw personnel and torched homes while retreating. There were other groups. Some of them were wearing guerrilla uniforms while others were wearing mufti. I don’t have a family. I am single and I came here to work as a farmhand.

Subokegon Village
The PDF passed through our village and torched my house in the early morning hours. They torched my house as well as those next to mine. There were about 20 or 30 of them. I saw them with my own eyes. They were wearing uniforms but some of them were wearing mufti. They torched my house. My children were at the farm. They came here about two or three days ago. There were about 20 of them and they had guns. Most of their uniforms were guerrilla uniforms. I was not well aware of them but I saw PDF badges. When Tatmadaw personnel arrived, they torched my house while shooting and running. I saw the PDF torching my house.

Minle Village
The first man
Fighting erupted in the morning. The PDF torched about 30 houses. We were too afraid to put out the fire.

The second man
We heard an exchange of fires between the PDF and Tatmadaw personnel in the morning. Then, the PDP came into the village and torched houses. About 30 houses were damaged by the fire. We were too afraid to put out the fire. The PDF entered villages and torched houses whenever fighting erupted.

Regarding the arson cases, the subversive media agencies such as BBC, VOA, RFA, Irrawaddy, Mizzima, Myanmar Now, Khit Thit and DVB as well as other individuals and organizations opposing the State Government are making propaganda depicting the security force members are committing such arson attacks so that the people and international communities misunderstand the actions of security force members.
Particularly, the terrorists deliberately committed acts of terrorism inflicting much damage to the properties of innocent civilians so that they can make fabrications to ensure the innocent local people misunderstand the State Government and Tatmadaw, feel hatred for them, and support the terrorists.
After hearing the accounts of some victims of villagers from 22 villages that were burnt down by combined armed groups of NUG/PDF terrorists and KIA members, security force members joining hands together with villagers are extinguishing the fire and providing security services to the victims of fire outbreaks, and Tatmadaw and relevant region governments are also providing necessary assistance to them. Therefore, it is announced to the public to ensure the people know the truth about arson attacks on the houses of innocent civilians by NUG/ PDF terrorists and KIA insurgents, and security force members are taking necessary security measures to combat terrorists who are destroying and attacking the peaceable civilians.
Information Team
State Administration Council

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