Another 4 million doses of Chinese COVID-19 vaccines arrive in Myanmar

01 sskm

The Ministry of Health conducts the vaccination programme as per target groups across the nation as a measure to control the disease. Of 24 million doses of Sinopharm COVID-19 vaccines purchased from the People’s Republic of China, 4 more million doses arrived at the Yangon International Airport yesterday and were received by the head of Yangon Region Medical Services/ Public Health Departments and officials.
These vaccines will be distributed to regions and states based on the requirement, via road transport or with the help of the Tatmadaw (Air) and Myanmar airways in the cold chain.
The newly arrived COVID-19 vaccines will be given to the original target groups and extended groups according to their priorities.
Till 2 October, a total of 18 million doses – two million doses of Covishield, 14 million doses of Sinopharm and two million doses of Sinovac purchased by the ministry have arrived in Myanmar. Moreover, the country received more than five million doses of vaccines donated by China, India and Russia.
The officials vaccinated a total of 8,264,157 people until 1 October while 3,863,344 people have been fully vaccinated and 4,400,813 people have received the first jabs of COVID-19 vaccines.
Therefore, the total doses of vaccine delivered are 12,127,501 in the country.
The people are urged to receive the COVID-19 vaccines, and those who have already received the first dose are encouraged to go to the nearest immunization centres and receive the second dose on the scheduled immunization date or near the due date, as well as to actively participate in the vaccination activities. — MNA

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