Anti-COVID-19 equipment imported daily via land border

The Ministry of Commerce is coordinating with relevant departments to facilitate the faster import of COVID-19 protective equipment.
In doing so, 13 companies imported 15.418 million litres of liquid oxygen, 4,000 litres of oxygen cylinders, 2,623 vacant oxygen cylinders, 12,795 PPEs, 19,000 gloves and 180 tonnes of masks yesterday via Muse, Chinshwehaw and Myawady border trade camps.
From 12 to 18 July, 49 million litres of liquid oxygen, 6,505 oxygen concentrators and 290 tonnes of masks were imported.
The medicines and medical supplies from Thailand were mainly imported via the Myawady trade zone and a total of 117 trucks were allowed to import the medical equipment between 12 and 18 July. The COVID-19 protective gears were imported more and more daily to meet the local demand starting 12 July. — MNA

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