Antipyretic medicine containing Green Chiretta will be produced as traditional medicine for COVID-19 treatment

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The photo shows a Myanmar traditional medicine, Green Chiretta and its leaves.

Union Minister Dr Thet Khaing Win of the Ministry of Health announced at the ceremony of 2022 National Health Day that an antipyretic medicine containing Green Chiretta will be used in the treatment of the COVID-19 pandemic and produced as a Myanmar traditional medicine.
It is reported that they are conducting research on variants of COVID-19 viruses.
The Department of Food and Drug Administration has constantly informed the public of food, medicines, medical equipment, cosmetics and consumer goods that are not suitable for use and drug registrations are being issued, the Union minister added.
Seventy-nine pharmaceutical raw materials will be purchased for the Myanmar pharmaceutical industry through the bank transfer document system (Letter of Credit-LC) under an open tender system and the tender has been invited.
Those raw materials will be used in the Myanmar Pharmaceutical Factory (Insein) and the Pharmaceutical Factory (Inyaung), it is learnt. — TWA/GNLM

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