Any ethnic armed organizations wishing to restore peace are invited to peace talks: Senior General

The government always opens the door for peace to anyone who wishes to talk about peace honestly for ensuring peace and stability of the nation and serving the interests of the State and people, said Chairman of the State Administration Council Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing at the meeting with Rakhine State government and departmental officials at the state government office yesterday afternoon.

Reports on regional matters, regional development
The Rakhine State Chief Minister presented regional matters, regional peace and stability as well as development undertakings, the opening of schools and universities, healthcare services, electricity supply and transport facilities, border trade measures, development of agriculture and livestock farms, irrigation facilities, operating of livestock farms with the State economic promotion fund and plans to operate domestic cow and pig species through the cooperative fund. Departmental officials also reported on the eradication of illegal trade, requirements of student hostels at Sittway University of Computer Studies and Sittway Technological University, upgrading of some hospitals, needs of inputs, improvement of roads in the state and installation of power cables and constriction of extended power stations.
Discussions in relevant sectors
Union Ministers and deputy ministers discussed landslide preventive measures, running of five airlines to Rakhine State, operation of more trains and vessels, the needs of the Rakhine State government for transforming manual to mechanized farming, smooth process of verifying land utilization, prevention of illegal extraction of forest resources, enumeration of the census in Rakhine State, plans to fulfil the necessary infrastructures for improvement of healthcare services, and participation of departmental personnel in security measures and peace and stability in the state.

State service personnel must serve the interests of the State and citizens
Speaking on the occasion, the Senior General said that State service personnel must serve the interests of the State and its citizens. They have to work in line with the disciplines mentioned in the Constitution. They have to be loyal to themselves and their workmates as well as the State. As they are government service personnel, they have to prioritize the national cause rather than politics.

Political vision
The government is implementing the political vision to strengthen the multiparty democratic system and build the Union based on democracy and federalism. Democracy is an administrative system with the wish of the majority under the laws, rules and regulations. Despite prioritizing the wish of the majority, all things must be done under the law but must not derail from the right way. Federalism is sharing power at different levels. Hence, appropriate administrative power must be shared with all regions and states. Hence, it is necessary to discuss necessary topics for the Union, regions and states.
With regard to the peace process, efforts are being made to restore peace based on the Constitution (2008) and the Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement-NCA. Peace talks are being held with ethnic armed organizations with momentum to bring positive results to the State. The government is implementing the peace process based on the constitution (2008) and the NCA.
National objective
The government set the national objectives as the prosperity of the State and food security. If the country is fulfilled with sufficient food, development undertakings can be seen. The Constitution (2008) entrusts equal rights to ethnics and the same positions to regions and states. Hence, all need to clearly review different attitudes of ethnics depending on the equal rights of regions.

Restoration of perpetual peace
The government is solving internal armed conflicts under the law. The government always opens the door for peace to anyone who wishes to talk about peace honestly for ensuring peace and stability of the nation and serving the interests of the State and people. If the whole nation is peaceful and stable, it will have greater development. Two basic factors to restore perpetual peace for the sake of the entire ethnic people are the Constitution (2008) and the Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement (NCA). Entire people need to participate in restoring perpetual peace. Any ethnic armed organizations wishing to restore peace are invited to peace talks. They all have to join the peace process for the interests of the nation, region and ethnic people.

Ensuring rule of law
Criminal cases can be seen in Rakhine State, and it is necessary to arrange rule of law and legal procedures there.

Encouragement of education for turning out human resources
Rakhine State is endowed with sound foundations. If the state successfully operates agriculture and livestock farming businesses based on these sound foundations, production will increase and contribute much to regional development. To improve human resources, agriculture, livestock and technical high schools are opened for the students.

Supporting businesses based on agriculture and livestock farms
The Senior General instructed officials to seek the best ways and means for successfully operating agriculture and livestock farms to increase export volume for benefiting the region.
Disciplinary enforcement
The Senior General noted that it is necessary to supervise the eradication of illegal trade processes. Officials need to supervise the use of unregistered vehicles and trading not to lose the income of country. Moreover, they have to carry out improvement of the roads in line with the relevant characteristics.

Development of the
tourism industry
Many potential tourism facilities can be seen in Rakhine State. Beautification, peace and stability as well as better transport facilities can contribute to the development of the tourism industry for earning incomes for the locals and regions. The government will focus on regional development as much as possible. Local people should participate in the relevant sectors as much as they can to have greater progress in Rakhine State.
The Senior General and party inspected plans for full sand along the beach for public relaxation on Shukhintha Road in Sittway and gave necessary guidance. — MNA/TTA

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