Archaeological murals inside Koekhangyi Cave or Watgyi Cave in ruins

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Photo shows the Koekhangyi Cave, pagodas and temples in Minbu (Sagu) Township.

Koekhangyi Cave (or) Watgyi Cave is located in the Hmankin Monastery in Minbu (Sagu) Township, Minbu District, Magway Region. The murals inside the cave, painted around 1,144 ME, are in ruins, historians say.
In addition to the eight Zattawgyi (pre-Buddhahood dramas) written by Minbu Sayadaw U Obhasa such as Temiya, Maha Janaka, Nemi, Mahosadha, Candakumar, Narada, Vidhura, Vesantara and Suvannasam Jataka written by Shin Pannatikkha, Bhuridatta Jatak written by Shin Nandamedha were vividly painted, but the works are in a state of disrepair.
Pagodas and monasteries are mostly decorated with mural paintings and frescoes, and most of them are based on princes, princesses, soldiers, elephants and horses, and goddesses, life stories of Buddha.
Ancient paintings and sculptures delighted the hearts of onlookers, and tourists from all over the world visit the pagodas and temples in Myanmar with great interest.
As such, among the ancient artefacts, the ancient murals of the Koekhangyi Cave or Watgyi Cave inside the Hmankin Monastery in Minbu will be revered as a place of interest for tourists from all over the country if they are repaired. — Zeyar Htet (Minbu)/GNLM

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