Around 180 truckloads flow through Myawady Border Trade Zone


The Myawady Border Trade Zone has been handling approximately 180 trucks carrying exports and imports these days, according to the Ministry of Commerce. An average of 45 truckloads of agricultural produce, fishery products and CMP are exported to the neighbouring country daily via Myawady Trade Zone.
Among the exported agricultural produce are chilli pepper, onion, rice flour, cabbage, broken rice, black gram, dried lotus pollen, cauliflower, dried trumpet seeds, groundnut, watermelon seeds, rubber and sesame.
Similarly, fishery products — red snapper, grouper, hilsa shad, long tongue sole, dorab wolf-herring, Indo-pacific Spanish mackerel, crab, climbing perch, spiny eel, shrimp and Indian tassel fish — are being exported.
Men’s shorts, women’s coats and jackets, women’s long pants, temperature sensors, recovered paper, transformer main, green bottle cullet, footwear and shoes are included in CMP exports as well. Among them, the most exported products are CMP, onion, rice flour, chilli pepper, groundnut, fishery products, rubber, aluminum scrap and fish paste.
Myanmar export products — onion, rice flour and chilli pepper commonly used in the food industry — have a great demand from Thailand since tourism in Thailand has resumed during the post-COVID period. It is reported that Aluminum scrap is being purchased for reproducing finished products by melting it.
In addition, fishery products are being shipped to Bangkok through Mae Sot. Priority is given to the quick arrival of fishery products to the other country, through the trade route, the trade zone and the BCF Bridge II. In the same way, green products such as onions, chilli pepper and cabbage are exported through the trade zone.
Cotton rolls, construction materials, industrial raw materials, pharmaceutical products, motorcycle spare parts, shoes, ready-made garments, fruits, foodstuffs, cosmetics, shoe accessories, gas, lubricant, household appliances, animal feed, bikes, stationery, motorcar spare parts and electrical equipment are being imported to Myanmar.
Most imported items are garments, ceramic tile, foodstuffs, household appliances, animal feed, paint, factory equipment, industrial raw materials and cosmetics.
It is reported that importers and traders are importing the products with caution, due to the price changes in Thai Baht earlier this month. — NN/CT

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