Arrival of local tourists to famous destinations increase in December

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The number of local tourists visiting prominent destinations has risen in December travel season, according to travel agencies.

Apart from visit to Bagan-NyaungU, Inle-Kalaw and Ngwe Saung-Chaungthar, hiking tours and sightseeing tours of sea of clouds have increased in December.

“The weather is cold in December and there are holidays, so the number of visiting especially Bagan-NyaungU-Kalaw is visibly increasing. Visitors also take short-day travel to Ngwe Saung and Chaungthar. Interest in seeing sea of clouds has risen among youths,” said an official from a local travel agency.

Recently, sightseeing of sea of clouds and travelling to resorts have been popular among young people and such exploration of relaxation tours facilitates the development of tourism sector to some extent, said permanent secretary U Hlaing Oo from the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism.

“Visitors take sightseeing tours of sea of clouds, waterfalls and beautiful landscapes. It is good sign of local tourism industry development. That is why, developing such tours supports the tourism development. Nature-based tourism, resorts and touring natural landscapes are unique and also help attracting international visitors. But we will work first to make sure of growing the number of local visitors and later necessary preparations to welcome foreign visitors,” he said.

Over 11 months from January to November 2023, there are 8.85 million of local tourists who stayed at licensed hotels in Myanmar, according to the ministry’s statistics.



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