Assistant Senior Auditors Fresher Course 2/2022 opened

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The fresher course 2/2022 for assistant senior auditors is in progress on 6 June in Nay Pyi Taw.

The opening ceremony of the Fresher Course 2/2022 for Assistant Senior Auditors was held at 2 pm on 6 June at the Assembly Hall of the Office of the Auditor-General of the Union, Nay Pyi Taw, in line with COVID-19 rules and regulations.
At the ceremony, Union Auditor-General Prof Dr Kan Zaw delivered an address that the training aims to perform audits confidently and proficiently and understand the civil servants’ the rights, law, rules and regulations, ethics, and technical knowledge basically throughout their service life; the training will be in theoretically and practically; the trainees who are good civil servants shall practice good affirmations which should have in good civil servants, such as appreciation of their departments and duties, understanding the actual situation of the nation with clear-sighted vision, cooperation with team spirit, focus for public interests, and compliance with the civil service personnel law.
Moreover, the trainees need to understand the nature of the audit work, which is to control and strengthen the public financial management by auditing whether the activities and projects implemented with the public funds meet targeted objectives, accomplish in time, benefit the public, and comply with the law, rules, and regulations.
Therefore, he emphasized that the trainees systematically need to note and learn the lectures from the training to meet the qualifications of knowledge and profession for the nation and public interests and should also try to conduct their duties honestly.
And then, the ceremony was concluded after the principal of the Training School of the Office of the Auditor-General of the Union explained the information regarding the training.
At the training, two from the Head Office and one from Union Territory, and 37 from Regions and States, totalling 40 trainees, will attend, and 10 subjects will be delivered for one-month face-to-face from 6-6-2022 to 5-7-2022.
The permanent secretary, the deputy permanent secretary, the deputy directors-general, responsible persons, the trainers and the trainees attended the ceremony. — MNA

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