AUFC Winger Thiha Zaw signs for Shan United on loan

Thiha Zaw in Shan United 72
Shan United’s Thiha Zaw (middle) receives his Shan United jersey from the club’s authorities. Photo: SUFC

Left-Winger Thiha Zaw has moved to Shan United from Ayeyawady United on loan for two years, the Shan United FC stated.
The Winger is good in both left-foot and right-foot and showed brilliant performances at Ayeyawady United in the previous season.
“I manage to be in the line-up just because I can play on both feet. There are lots of good players in Ayeyawady. I used to play with Hein Thiha Zaw in there. He plays left-back. What I like about him is that he doesn’t talk too much. He minds his own business. I feel safe when he is backing me. Sometimes, although in play, he told me to go and cover this and that place, there were times that I couldn’t come back and tackle. He was not mad at me but just seriously went for the ball.
We need lots of players like him in football – dutiful, not talkative, and indomitable in the field. Senior players like Ko David and Ko Thiha Sithu in Shan United are sure to be respected,” said Thiha Zaw.
Some clubs offered him to join their football squads, but Thiha Zaw chose Shan United for many reasons.
“Some clubs contacted me when my contract with Ayeyawady had finished – some with the good and high offer. But, I’ve had discussions with Shan United. They have been very patient, waiting for quite a while. They value and want me, and in return, I chose them with respect.”
“I know there are some players in the same position as me. They are also good, which is why they have a chance to play here. If not, it’s uneasy about being in the first line-up. What matters most is that you need to know what the coach likes and needs. You need to play as he wants you to do. I’ll try not only for the team but for me as well,” the Left-Winger added.—GNLM

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