Aung La N Sang to fight against Galvao today in ONE Championship event

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PHOTO: ONE Championship

Myanmar’s MMA icon Aung La N Sang will take on Brazilian fighter Galvao in a catchweight challenge of the ONE Championship event named ONE FIGHT NIGHT 6 which will be held at Impact Arena in Bangkok, Thailand today. Upon his thrilling fight, Aung La N Sang expressed his feeling to ONE Championship officials.
“Galvao is going to be physically strong. He’s a jiu-jitsu black belt. He’s down to throw power and looping shots as well. I feel like I’m a little bit better than him in the striking department, a little bit cleaner. I think on the ground, I’ll do okay against him. But I think my conditioning is better than his,” Aung La said.
“If you watch any of my fights, I’m always looking for the finish. I want to get the finish and I’m going to work hard to get the finish. “Evolution is what I hope the fans see. An evolution to my game, that I can do everything, that I can do it at a high level, and that I’m a fan-friendly fighter – meaning that it’s a fight that fans will get to enjoy.
“Fans don’t want to see fights [won] by points, they want to see finishes and they want to see great skills, and that’s what I feel like I’m gonna bring to the table in this fight. In turn, Brazilian fighter Galvao also said he deserves to win the fight.
“As I said, I’ve been following Aung La N Sang’s career for a long time,” Galvao said.
“He’s a knockout artist, he kicks really well, but I hope to surprise him. I had very little time to train for this fight, I think two weeks, but I’m believing in my training and my experience to put on a good fight.
“I haven’t fought for a long time, but I know I take down better than him, and I have a better ground game than him. Those are my most dangerous weapons. “But I’m going up to put up a good fight. ONE Championship called me for this, and that’s what I’m going to do. I’m going up in the cage to put on a show,” the Brazilian fighter added.
If Aung La N Sang wins, he is likely to have the opportunity to challenge again for the middleweight world championship title.
The fight cards will be launched today in Thailand starting at 7:30 am Myanmar Time. — KZL

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