Bago Region plans integrated livestock zone with natural fertilizer production

The Bago Region Government is developing a multi-purpose livestock zone (North Nawin) in Pyay Township, integrated with a natural fertilizer production facility.
The zone, located near Titut village, aims to rear farms of cattle, chickens, pigs, and goats, utilizing their waste as raw material for natural fertilizer production.
The zone comprises 60 plots of 200 x 200 feet for cattle, 16 for chickens, eight for pigs, and seven for goats, all of the same size. Each 200×200-foot plot is considered one unit, with each unit accommodating 10-50 cattle, 30-100 pigs, 1,000-3,000 chickens, and 50-100 goats. Additionally, the zone will allocate space for animal feed shops, veterinary clinics, and animal drug stores to facilitate livestock farmers. The regional government has committed to minimizing environmental impacts and adopting high-quality livestock practices. — ASH/NT

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