Battalions under KNU/KNLA Brigade 6, KKO (Split) group, so-called PDF terrorists under NUG and CRPH launch fire on Kawkareik with heavy weapons, attack public residences

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The map shows locations from where insurgents and terrorists intrude, retreat and run away.

Battalions under KNU/KNLA Brigade 6, KKO (Split) group, so-called PDF terrorists under NUG and CRPH this morning launched fires into Kawkareik of Kayin State with heavy weapons and entered and attacked public residences, staff housings, offices and departmental buildings.
According to the information in advance given by the people wishing to restore peace and stability, it was reported that insurgents from battalions 17, 18 and 27 of KNU/KNLA Brigade 6, KKO (Split) group and so-called PDF terrorists under NUG and CRPH attempt to violently attack Kawkareik, Myawady and Thingan-Nyinaung cities and to ambush headquarters of the local battalion, positions and camps of security forces and mobile military columns. The security forces comprising the Tatmadaw and members of the Myanmar Police Force discharged security duties for urban areas day and night. This being so, insurgents and terrorists started launching fires at Kawkareik with the use of heavy weapons at about 7:30 am yesterday and deployed a large number of forces to attack there at about 8 am.
They used a large number of strength in attacking Khin Nein Mu housing gate 3 north of Kawkareik, Abaw Phayagon, Kyaungshagon and staff housing, the road security outpost on the township road in synchronization. Security forces who have well prepared in advance with the information given by dutiful people on the positions of insurgents in the fighting effectively counterattacked the insurgents except around the staff housing. At 10 am, insurgents retreated from the scene due to terrible loss. As insurgents entering the staff ward used civilian people and buildings from the public housings as human shields in their attacks, security forces controlled their counterattacks and conducted completely wipe out the insurgents not to harm the people and public buildings. At 3 pm, those insurgents withdrew from the staff wards in disarray.
The military columns with the supporting fire of air force, artillery and armoured vehicles are chasing the insurgents and terrorists who fled north and east of Kawkareik in disarray.
Currently, it was reported that some houses from public residences were damaged in heavy weapon attacks by terrorists. Two innocent men and one woman, totalling three were killed in the incident which left 11 men and five women totalling 16 wounded. Security forces provided necessary treatment to the wounded persons and continuously take security measures for protecting the life of the people and the public service personnel.
Although battalions under KNU/KNLA Brigade 6, KKO (Split) group, and so-called PDF terrorists under NUG and CRPH ambushed urban and rural areas as well as security forces, the precise supporting fire of artillery, aviation and armoured vehicles based on detailed information given by urban people and brave counterattacks drove out the insurgents and terrorists to retreat from the scene without achieving success in their conspiracies, and Kawkareik was protected against the danger of falling under enemies and danger of setting fire to the city. — MNA

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