Beef up the operation of MSMEs to produce quality products

Micro-, small-, and medium-scale enterprises are being operated in urban areas whereas raw materials are being produced in rural areas. MSMEs are creating employment opportunities for people from both urban and rural areas.
In this regard, MSMEs in Myanmar operate production based on crops produced from rural areas using other materials imported abroad. In the work process from the raw materials to the finished goods, MSMEs need to recruit skilled labours and seek production techniques.
These industries can manufacture high-quality products with the use of raw materials, modern techniques and machinery. Depending on the success of the production, the scale of businesses can be upgraded from micro-scale enterprises to small-scale enterprises, then to medium-scale ones step by step.
In operating the MSME industries, domestically produced quality raw materials should be used for manufacturing quality rural products to attract consumers and meet the market demand. It means that the quality original one can help produce quality products. In this regard, it is necessary to always supervise the quality and prices of the products manufactured by MSME industries so as to have farm market shares. Hence, the manufacturing process of products from the raw materials to the packaging process needs to meet the set standards in order to maintain the quality and standards of products.
If any products can penetrate the market as successful trademarks, they will have a high demand for raw materials and finished goods, boosting productivity. In consequence, it will help increase employment opportunities as well as beef up the flow of commodities. As such, it can reduce the reliance of businesspersons on imported raw materials.
To have such a status, MSME industries need to well organize the employees and technicians for operating the businesses. They have to conduct research and development measures for their production process and the quality of products. They have to steadfastly monitor the preference of customers over their products so as to revise the production process for more quality products while making attempts to stabilize the prices of goods for the interests of customers.
Domestic raw materials are most important for MSME industries to attract local people by showing quality products made of local raw materials for customers to take pride in the products of their regions. Taking a pivotal role in enhancing the socioeconomic status of the people, MSME industries should try hard to operate production with momentum with the creation of jobs for people of basic strata.

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