Border trading reaches US$2.153 million at two Myanmar-Bangladesh border


In July 2022, Sittway Trade Station (Shwemingan Port) and Maungtaw Border Trade Station (Kanyinchaung Economic Zone) between Myanmar-Banladesh border exported $2.148 million and imported $0.005 million, totalling $2.153 million worth of trade volume.
From Sittway Trade Station (Shwemingan Port), exports worth $0.499 million and imports worth $0.002 million were handled. The Maungtaw Border Trade Station (Kanyinchaung Economic Zone) was able to export $1.649 million and import $0.003 million.
Starting from 8 August 2022, Bangladesh-Myanmar border trade operators have been allowed to exchange currency (US dollars) for trade at the Maungtaw Branch and Sittway Branch of the Myanma Economic Bank at the Central Bank rate of K2,100.
In order to promote the Bangladesh-Myanmar bilateral trade, the Coastal Shipping Line (Yangon-Sittway-Chittagoung) is being implemented by officials of the two countries to enhance direct trade. — TWA/GNLM

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