Buddhist association teaches youths to cultivate deep religious respect amid internet distractions

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A local religious association called Buddha Marmaka Buddhist Culture Association has been conducting training to encourage the youth to have deep respect in Buddhism,.

The religious association is located at Wizata Mogok Vipassana Monastery, Mya Sein Yaung Pagoda Street in Adwinpadan Ward, Hlinethaya township.

The youth are becoming more and more unfamiliar with religion and culture during the time the availability of internet access becomes more widespread, that is why the religious association has been teaching them about morality, respecting and believing in religion.

“We aim to encourage our Buddhist children to become good young people for the religion and to have high moral standards by studying Buddhist literature and living in accordance with Buddha’s teachings. Teaching of 28 blessings and Buddhist literature runs on every Saturday and Sunday throughout the year. In the summer holidays, we teach at 6:00am and 6:00pm every day and we teach till 10:00pm when there are Buddhist ceremonies and competitions. We believe that they would become ethical future generation for our country and religion and live their life peacefully,” said the association’s Sayadaw U Sunanda.

The writing contest of Buddhism literature, Buddha Wuntha Rakita (The Guardians of Buddhism) was held at the monastery on 28 January, and at the ceremony, 30 out of all the students who took part in last year’s competition were short-listed, and one of them was finally selected for Buddha Wuntha Rakita after an oral test.

The association was founded in Sagaing Region’s Pale township, at Gyokone Sanpya village in Bago Region’s Monyo township and in Yangon Region’s Hlinethaya township, starting from 1374 Myanmar calendar year.

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