C Max production industry for promoting State economy

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U Thiha Baw Zan, owner of C Max production industry in Paukgon ward of Mingaladon Township, gives an interview to Thein Tun Aung. Photos: Htay Linn

Interviewer – Thein Tun Aung

The State Administration Council is invigorating Micro-, Small- and Medium-Sized Enterprises (MSMEs) for the fortification of the export sector, leveraging the momentum of the thriving economic landscape. Mingaladon township in Yangon Region is an industrial zone with industries and factories improving the socioeconomic status. Here is an interview with U Thiha Baw Zan, owner of C Max production industry in Paukgon ward of Mingaladon Township.
Q: When did you start producing commodities?
A: I started the C Max business in October 2022, and now it is over one year. I mainly focus on marketing and distribution. The production is operated by my wife Daw Tin Moe Wai, and she operates the production processes using her own formula.
Q: Where did you buy the raw materials for your business?
A: We ordered Thai-made raw chemicals under a direct import system, but we have to make orders of bottles, pumps, logo and others from China.
Q: How is the market situation?
A: According to the current market situation, it is better than the previous year when we started operating. Here, imported shower cream, shampoo, and facial foam are costly, so the grassroots and middle-class people cannot afford them. Therefore, the transactions of our products, such as shower cream, shampoo and facial foam, especially detergent oil for washing clothes and dishes, are on the rise in the market.
Q: How many products are you producing currently?
A: Our C Max industry produces 11 types of soaps: five kinds of shower cream, three kinds of facial foam, rice water shampoo, detergent oil for washing dishes and laundry, and detergent-inspired fragrance oils.
Q: How do you produce shower cream and facial foam?
A: Among the shower creams, green apple and pearl jasmine shower creams contain Collagen. The original shower creams are magical orchid, blueberry and sakura. Although they do not contain Collagen, we use vitamin E, olive oil, and the best perfume to ensure the best fragrance for these five shower creams. We produce three kinds of facial foams: honey and turmeric foam, gold and cactus foam and muskmelon foam. The honey and turmeric foam is aimed at those with freckles, moles and dark spots from sunburn on the face. The gold and cactus form is very good at removing the dead cells on the face as it contains gold. The cactus helps hydrate the skin and tightens the face skin. The strange point about gold is that it slows down the ageing process. The muskmelon contains oil of Acacia concinna, the natural Collagen and so it can remove the wrinkles on the face. It can reduce the dead cells and prevent aging to a certain extent. We mainly use all-natural ingredients for three facial cleansers.
Q: How do you produce shampoo and detergent oil?
A: The rice water shampoo is produced mainly based on the rice. The characteristics of rice are that it can reduce the hair loss and prevent dandruff formation. It is a natural product as it is also suitable for those with splits and those who have to dye their hair frequently to prevent it from thinning hair. Our products can compete with foreign-made rice water shampoo in effectiveness, quality and fragrance. The dish detergent oil does not contain chemicals, so it is not harmful to people. It can be used for washing vegetables and crops. The prices will be very cheap when compared with the famous brands in the market. Nothing will be left while washing the steel and chinaware products. The cloth detergent oil is 3 in 1 product, and we do not need to use any fragrance oil for laundry. It is very good at removing dirt and making foam. The scents are expected to stay on the clothes after washing and ironing. All the products we produce go well with any water.
Q: How is your distribution process?
A: In Yangon, there are retailers in the Mingaladon industrial zone, Kontalabaung, Htaukkyant, Thakayta and Shwepaukkan, such as Nay Pyi Taw and Myitkyina. For online shopping, City Mall Online runs 24/7 and distributes by a door -to-door system. Moreover, we distribute via Shop.com, our Facebook and C Max Facebook page.
Q: Are the employees from this ward?
A: Yes, they are. My wife, me and two locals of this ward, totalling four, run the operation normally.
Q: What is the effect of this industry on the residents?
A: The residents can use the CMax products at fairer prices. The employees can save on transport and meals, and they can also get job opportunities just in their hometown. It can also help them make ends meet for their family. We also open training courses occasionally and share knowledge to prevent facing occupational accidents.
Q: What is the profit of your business?
A: According to the current inventory, we do not face losses based on the annual statistics. We get proper profits. We can run the operation as usual using the initial capital amount without using extra money. Now, it has been over one year and five months.
Q: What are the challenges of this business?
A: The case we face when running this business is that the customers’ trust in the locally produced products is low. On the other hand, we have no opportunity to display at the shopping centres. We will try hard to overcome such challenges gradually.
Q: What are your expectations for your business?
A: Currently, the business is running on a manageable scale. I intend to hand the business down to my generation. Now, we want to expand the business scale, and if the lab tests of products are successful, we will try hard to become a reliable industry that promotes the state economy.
Translated by KTZH

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