Chilli prices exceed K10,000 per viss


The new Kyaukse Demo Moe Htaung and Thazi Moe Htaung, which entered the Yangon chilli pepper market in the last week of July 2022, are sold at above K10,000 per viss, the highest price ever seen in the chilli pepper market, according to a chilli pepper trader who has been in the business for about 50 years.
It is known that these chilli peppers, whose wholesale price is above K10,000 per viss, are no longer stored in cold storage. It is learned that the price is less likely to rise again, and there is only immediate trading in the market rather than cold storage.
On 25 July at the Yangon chilli pepper market, the new Thazi Kyaukse demo and Thedaw Moe Htaung was K11,500 per viss; Cold-pressed delta long chilli pepper was K11,500 and ordinary was K9,500 per viss respectively; Cold-pressed Pan Ye long chilli pepper was K11,500/12,000 per viss; Cold-pressed Hmyarni long chilli pepper was K11,500/12,000. On the same day, green chilli pepper was K12,000/12,500 per viss; Sinphyukyun green chilli pepper was K10,000 per viss and Myiwa green chilli pepper was K11,500/12,000 per viss.
Most of the people working in the chilli pepper business said that they did not expect the price of chilli pepper to rise to around K10,000. Thazi, Thedaw, Kyaukse rain chilli pepper growers and those who kept delta chilli peppers in the refrigerator at the price of around K4,000 a viss are getting a lot of profit this month.
In the same period on 25 July 2021, a viss of Moe Htaung chilli pepper and long chillies cost around K3,500 and the wholesale price of a viss of green chilli pepper was around K6,500. — TWA/GNLM

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