Chin State to produce value-added products of apple

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The Chin State Cooperative Department makes a plan to grow apples in Tiddim and Mindat Townships by organizing the cooperative societies to increase the apple cultivation rate, production and incomes of residents to improve their living standards.
The apple trees bear fruits within five years after planting and they can pluck the fruits for up to 15 years. An apple tree produces about three visses of apple per year while 582 visses with 194 trees per acre. If the price fetches K2,000 per viss, it earns K1.164 million. When the production cost is K500,000, the profit is K0.664 million per acre in one year. If a farmer grows three acres of apples, he can earn K2 million per year. If the apples are produced into apple wine as a value-added product, the profit is K760 per bottle. When there are 1,000 bottles, the profit will be K0.76 million. Currently, Tiddim and Mindat townships have 298 acres of apple cultivation. — Cooperative Dept / GNLM.

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